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As some of you may know the FA Refereeing Department has run and resourced an Incentive Scheme for referees and the volunteer referee workforce since the beginning of the 2002/2003 season. To date including this current season, more than 30000 gifts of kit and other products have been sent to our volunteers as a reward for the games they referee and the support of our workforce.

As with any scheme that has run for so long, there comes a point when we need to review and update. We need to ensure that as we move towards recording coverage of games by a registered referee, we provide a scheme, at a cost that can be maintained by the organisation in an environment where all expenditure on referee development needs to be justified.

Therefore the current scheme will be suspended for season 2015/2016 to allow our department to carry out a full review. At the same time we will obtain feedback from those stakeholders who have been members over the last 12 years and those equally who have not taken part, in order to devise and plan for a new process to reward our referees and the volunteer referee workforce for the valuable work they do in supporting our National game.

Roger Vaughan
Incentive Scheme Manager